Break My Heart

by Hourglass

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released May 22, 2016

A huge thank you to Tom Sigal for the recording/mixing/mastering/dealing with us, to anyone who came to a show over the years or actually jammed our tunes, to all the people we've met along the way and to fruity lexia.



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Hourglass Wollongong, Australia


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Track Name: Break My Heart
Nothing could take away what you've left here
When even your thought could stop me dead in my tracks
There's nothing I know or I've learnt that is more clear
When bridges get burned it might hurt but I'm not looking back

It's just another empty smile
It's just another wasted day
It's just another fucking reason
It's just more fucking pain
I can't keep looking for answers
I'll let them find themselves
The one thing that mattered
Became my own hell

Break my heart

How could you look around
And never know
Even your darkest thoughts
Are beautiful
I can't compare
I don't know why I tried
I'm so sick of running
From my fucking mind

My palms are sweaty
My legs are weak
I'm fucking sick of my thoughts
I need to sleep
I can't keep running
I'll fall apart
I guess it's worth it if you
break my heart
Track Name: Won't Waste
All those years ago we walked and laughed at our lives
Without a care in the world as the cars they passed us by
Our lungs poured out the smoke and you leaned in close and sighed
Perfection can't last forever
It's only in our minds

These days I find myself just trying to pass the time
I'm not as young as I used to be
But I guess that's all alright
Cause things change,
And I'm destined for failure
I won't waste my time
Fuck a reason to keep on breathing
I won't waste my time

I don't need some one to fight for
It's time I fucking stood for myself
Old ways die hard and I heard the memories are dying as well
Things change and and I'm destined for failure
I won't waste my time
Fuck a reason to keep on breathing, I won't waste my time
Track Name: Too Numb To Talk
I swear I never knew
How much id miss your smile
what's there left to do but escape it all,
Block it out for a while
Another sleepless night
Another faded morning
Another reason why I've grown so cold from all before me

If you're listening just hear me
I'm still the boy who I was before
I'm still searching for a reason
And I can't take this silence any more
Where else can I run?
What more could I say?
My solutions just result in more problems
How much more can I fucking take?
But now I'm too numb to talk
And I can't feel thing
I spend my waking hours
Avoiding the problem
Cause I know it's within
And I know who's to blame
And it's always been me
I can't go back to where this all began
I can't go back to being me