by Caminos, Hourglass

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This is our split EP. Recorded in two different countries, by two different bands.


released March 19, 2013

As Hourglass, we'd like the thank Jessie at BigFish studio's for recording this for us at a moments notice. We'd like to thank Caminos for the beautiful music they are creating. We'd like to thank FaithLoveHope Promotions for helping us release this EP, you've helped us more than anyone before. We'd like to thank Azimuth mastering for making the songs sound ten times better and for putting up with our unorganised ways. We'd like to thank anyone that have put us on a show, shared a stage with us, or come out to one our shows, you all mean the world to us. Thank you.



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Hourglass Wollongong, Australia


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Track Name: Caminos - Día II
I remember seeing my face full of tears drowning my body
I remember that rope hanging in my room
I felt the cold freeze my soul my fucking soul!
And I swear by all that one day I did not want ...

Keep breathing!

I endured many hits, so many that I could not stand falls
Where were the promised haven for your lips
Buried in our cemetery that holds my heart
And now I'm waiting in the rain any reason to return

Any reason to go home
Any reason to go back ... to return
Track Name: Caminos - Desesperanzado...
Amada night forgive me for what I have to do
Without the bravery of the wolves away
Neither man cry could not be "The man who could not be"
I embrace your dark branches to remember
Every mistake, every word every tear shed
The trail and smell death rozas
I'm just dying slowly
I have tired Shadows
Trapped desperate dying
Just remember to give all
Just remember I was always alone
Track Name: Hourglass - Warmth
Life sometime's seemed too much, endless values un-found.
She walked among the gods, I couldn't keep her to the ground.
I've made so many poor decisions, been confused all along.
Now I know that I've got the power to fix where I went wrong.
I held all I ever wanted, but a selfish man only lets go.
If this is the way my life is, let me live a lie so I'll never know.

I know when I face the coldest of winters you'll be right by my side.
And I know that when I'm lost in the chaos of nights, everything will be fine.
If I could capture the purest of dreams, you'd be right at the start;
You're the light in my darkness.
You're the warmth in my heart.
It's always been about you right from the start.
Track Name: Hourglass - Inseparable
My mind is a futile escape from a harsh reality.
A safeguard of hopeless dreams that I'll always keep close to me.
And as the distance grows great, one thing will remain un changed.
And my love will burn on brighter with every waking day.
I know that at times I'm useless, and at times I'm beyond repair.
I know when I wake in the morning I wonder what I'm doing here.
If there was a purpose in life, it's yet to have it's day.
Until then, if there's a hope, I don't think I could say.
I was led to believe that something's were inseparable.
And I thought that there would be something to catch me when I fell.
But times have changed, and you've moved on, and one thing has remained the same;
I was there when you needed me, I just wish you could say the same.
It was only love that could bring you back to me.
It was only love that could bridge this emptiness in-between.